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A Biography of Bishop Johnson

Victory in North Carolina


As you perhaps have noticed, we are not giving you a chronological account of the life of Bishop Johnson; that is, we are not giving a year by year description, but rather to consummate the time, we are dealing mainly with his victories in various states.


Some years ago, Bishop Johnson had been called to New York City to preach and while there, he heard the spirit speaking and saying North Carolina. He obeyed the will of the Lord and journeyed to North Carolina. He had for ten years previously, been trying to get the gospel to that state, but had never broken through. At this particular time, he ventured again to that vicinity and visited a church there. When he was invited to preach, he began to bring truth to the souls there. This as I said before, was the first time after 10 years of trying to break through the strong hold of Satan in the state of North Carolina, that he was successful. The spirit gave him a song which he sang from the depth of his soul. Slowly the walls that Satan had built around the hearts of some there began to crumble; for before the true word of God, it could not stand. Some few souls were won for Christ; some of whom have lift the blood stained banner of Christ high, even until this day. In later years, Bishop Johnson made many trips to North Carolina. The most outstanding we will try to recount here. In Oxford, North Carolina, Bishop Johnson acquired a small building which was soon run over with people the first night that he held services. Later one of the leading citizens of Oxford asked if he would use a vacant warehouse for services. This could accommodate hundreds of people and was really a blessing from the Lord.


During a short visit to South Carolina, Bishop Johnson was obtained to hold services. This was done because the mission there was entirely too small to hold the people that would naturally come to hear services. Perhaps most came out of curiosity, but never-the-less, they heard the true word of God.


The gospel trailer was sent out and announcements were made concerning the services, and this great man of God. Although his sojourn in South Carolina lasted about one week, many were stirred while he was there and as his fame was just about spreading around the town, he made his departure. One soul accepted water in Jesus' name.


This has been but a short account of the many places that our beloved Bishop Johnson has visited. I am afraid that if we were to attempt to write all that has happened to him in his early eventful life, that volumes upon volumes couldn't contain the facts.


We hope that you have enjoyed reading this bibliography as much as we have enjoyed delivering into the past and bringing a few facts to you to get an idea of the lean years in which Bishop Johnson struggled to attain the place in which he stands today. The years of joy and tears, of sorrow and of laughter and great blessings in the Lord.


For Bishop Johnson, there stretches forth a great future. A new horizon arises, new conquests, and a new era of Christianity. Boldly, his feet are treading down the forces of evil. The banner of Christ he has pushed to loftier heights for all men to see; that they might know what is the fellowship of the mystery of Christ Jesus. May God bless you, Bishop Johnson, may you and the truth of the gospel go marching on!



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